September 8, 2010

Seating Arrangements

So, for all of our future or past Brides, and Grooms, we know what a pain table assignments can be sometimes. Figuring out how to fit 8, 10, 11, 12 or how ever many people you need per table can be quite the task. Especially when you are doing it towards the end of the planning process as you are getting your final RSVP's...

Well, I just have to share what one of our upcoming Brides, Brittany, is doing for her October wedding. She said she got it from a friend, and I know there are a TON of ways to do it, but I figured I would share Brittany's way. She has paper plates and sticky notes all on their pool table and she can move people, couples, whole tables, everything, without having to erase, re-type, get those tables put together! Fill out the sticky notes with a guests' name and stick them to the plate! It helps you stay organized and it is large enough for you to see and read! Just hope that if you have them on a floor, the wind or a pet doesn't trample on them! :)

Also, Caroline, our Exceptional Events Assistant who is getting married in 17 days....(we are so excited for her) just shared how she is actually doing the Place cards, or Seating Chart, as she is having a buffet style, she doesn't need to do individual place cards...

So...she got a piece of plywood and painted it with the chalkboard paint and in colorful chalk is going to do the seating chart key, that way it is large enough for her guests to see from across the area and people won't be gathered around a table. Another DIY way of being creative and keeping it simple for her upcoming outdoor wedding!

Any other great or creative ways that you have done your seating charts? We would love to hear it!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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