September 14, 2010

Love for the Casa Monica....

Since the blog was not updated for about a year, we have a lot of catching up to do! Below are many special thank you notes the Casa Monica has received over the last year and we wanted to share them with you! I will hopefully be able to scan in a few of the thank you notes as well!
Thank you to any any and all who express their gratitude it means a lot and they are shared with all of the staff here.
At your service...
It's our pleasure...

Hi Erin,

Thank you so much for was a FABULOUS DAY!!!! As parents you want your daughter's wedding to be everything she's ever wanted. You and the staff did that for Ali, we thank you so much. Many of our guests complimented the wedding and reception,the food was great and the service was excellent,everyone had a wonderful time

Thank you so much,

Tod and Kelly

(Parents of the Bride, 8/2010)


Erin you were AMAZING! The reason we decided to book with Casa Monica was you! I havealways loved Casa Monica and it was a dream wedding place, but you put it over the top! I tell people about you all the time! Thank you for spending so much time with us and going through all of the details. The first time we even met with you was great! You spent so much time working with us and explaining everything!

You and Casa Monica gave us an incrediable wedding!

Thank you for everything!

Lora and Jim

(Bride and Groom 7/2010)


Hi Erin!

I just wanted to quickly tell you how pleased we were with your staff from Casa Monica at Alyssa's wedding Sunday evening. We had a great time, and we felt everyone did a wonderful job to make the event beautiful and memorable.

One of the staff members, a server named Jessica, was very helpful, as well as quick and gracious when asked for things. (I wanted some of the shrimp when she was serving chicken, so she made sure to go get the shrimp appetizers next and make her way to me, even when everyone converged on her like locusts to get the shrimp!) Someone else needed whole milk with his cupcake, and she immediately took care of that, as well.

Guests at our table were drinking the same beverages repeatedly, and after some time "the drink fairy" began appearing at regular intervals with their beverages of choice without being asked. Nice touch!

Near the end of the evening I found my daughter crying hysterically; giant sobs were just tumbling out of her. I quickly pushed her husband away to tend to her, and try to find out what had happened. She sobbed and sobbed, finally telling me that the evening was just more perfect than she could have ever imagined, and that it was truly beyond her wildest dreams. I thought that was a pretty good description of the evening.

Thank you, Erin, for a most delightful and positive experience.


(Mother of the Bride, 5/10)



Getting back to the real world is tough! The two weeks surrounding the wedding and honeymoon were really the best of our lives. We can't stop talking about the wedding. The day was absolutely wonderful and even after going over all the details, Scott and I both would not have changed a thing. It was even better then we could have ever imagined. We received so many complements on the location and service the Casa Monica provided our guests. The food was delicious, the setting was spectacular, and everything ran so smoothly. You and your team were fantastic.

Scott and I couldn't stop talking about the man with the earpiece that kept refilling our drinks for us. He would just appear out of nowhere with our favorite drinks! Fantastic!On a more serious note, besides the impeccable service and stunning ambiance of the Casa Monica, you were one of our favorite parts. We really chose the perfect location for our wedding reception. We loved the whole wedding planning process and you made it so enjoyable. Any time we had a question you answered it and you were always available to iron out any details needed. Also, we can't thank you enough for the upgraded suite the night of the wedding! What a wonderful surprise! When we were talking about what moment was our favorite of the wedding, mine was sitting in the beautiful suite at the end of the night with my new husband, eating the fantastic food that was in the room for us, drinking champagne, and talking about all of the special moments of the day.

The room was the perfect setting to let the events of the day soak in. And what a view of St. Augustine! The next morning we woke up and enjoyed the wrap-around balcony before leaving for our honeymoon. It was just so perfect!

Also, there are almost 2000 photos of the wedding posted on facebook (our friends love their photos! haha). I believe we are fans of the Casa Monica on facebook so I'll try to tag some of the photos that showcase the space....As things settle down more we plan to write a review on weddingwire as well. When we do, we'll forward you the link.!

We couldn't thank you enough for making our wedding day so special. When I say we wouldn't change a thing, I mean it. It was so much more then we ever expected. You are the best and we'll see you on our year anniversary! :)


(Bride, 4/2010)


Thanks Erin!!

Married life is great! Thank you for the gift certificate, we will be excited to use it next year!

Everything was wonderful! We couldn't be happier with you and the Casa Monica staff, and we couldn't believe how smoothly everything went! The ballroom was beautiful, and our guests had the best time! We couldn't have asked for anything more.

Thank you for seeing us though the past year planning the wedding. You are great at what you do, and I wish you all the best in the future.

I only have that one picture on Ashley's blog, but I will share more with you as soon as I get them.

Talk to you soon!

Madison and Adam
(Bride and Groom, 2/2010)

Hey Erin!! Married life is amazing!!!

The wedding was incredible! Everything worked out perfectly! The ceremony was kind of a blur lol but the reception was so beautiful! Everyone keeps talking about how beautiful everything was and the food was AMAZING!! lol

We had so much fun, it could not have gone any better! :) Thank you so much for following up! You were so great and helpful throughout the entire process! :)

Sarah (and Brennan)
(Bride, 2/2010)


Hi Erin.

I cannot thank you enough for doing such a wonderful job with Amy and Jared's wedding. Everything was perfect. I am telling everyone about you and the Casa Monica. You are fantastic.
Deb and I wish you a Blessed and Happy New Year.

(Father of the Bride, 12/2009)


Erin and Megan,

Wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you and your staff at the Casa Monica. They made every aspect of the wedding weekend spectacular. Every guest commented on service, food and atmosphere. Your staff were all gracious and accommodating from the bell hops, valets, and maids to Donna the reception coordinator. We could not have dreamed of a more perfect wedding day. At the end of it all we knew that we had to let you know how special you made our entire family and friends feel. You made the experience practically effortless.

Thank you so much,

(Mother of the Bride, 11/2009)


Megan and Erin:

What a team! You two are the best. It was everything we hoped for. With your guidance and support we made very good decisions. I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate everything you did and all involved. It was the best - a dream come true.

I will send some pictures soon.

Take care and continue the good work,Denise
(Mother of the Bride, 5/2009)



Everything was fantastic. I am speechless. You are my hero. I will put my thoughts and gratitude to paper in about a week. I want to make it official and address it to the proper person. Please tell me who that would be. I will send something for you and Walter.

Until then, I am your biggest fan. And, marriage is wonderful! Jeff is amazing and I love him so much. Girl, I love you too. Thank you for making this easy, especially being there that Saturday.

You will hear from me soon. I have attached a few teaser pictures.

(Bride, 6/2009)


Dear Megan & Erin,

I wanted to pass on to you the many compliments we received on our daughter's wedding reception at Casa Monica. The facility was great and the meals were wonderful. I felt the service was very good as well - things got done pleasantly and efficiently. I can't thank you both enough for all the details you took care of so I could enjoy the reception - which I did! Any time I asked anyone anything, I was answered pleasantly and quickly and action took place! If you could have just stopped the rain about 10:15 so we could do then none of us were too upset about that even.

It was nice they even packed the reception signs with the votives & things from the tables.
Many thanks to everyone for a party well done!

Sandra Stone



I cannot thank you enough for all you did for us throughout the whole planning process, especially putting up with me and my mom :). Yesterday was absolutely perfect and we had the best time. You really made my day completely stress free and you went above and beyond the "call of duty". Thank you thank you thank you! You and your parents are the most kind and sincere people - we'll all have to get together after our honeymoon for drinks!

(Bride, 4/2009)

Hi Megan and Erin,

We just want to thank you so much for Casa Monica Hotel's amazing work. Our wedding was even more beautiful than we had imagined. We want to especially thank you for your time and effort in helping us plan our wedding. We were especially grateful for your helpful planning pamphlets, vendors list and your outstanding professionalism.

The service and food throughout the wedding was magnificent. We were very happy with everything. We are so glad we chose to have our reception at the Casa Monica Hotel.

It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your staff.

Thank you,
Susanna & Gerard
(Parent of the Bride, 3/2009)



Thank you guys so much for everything for our wedding!!!!! We had an absolute amazing time! Everyone raved about the hotel and the beautiful location. We could not have asked for a better reception site. The food was INCREDIBLE!!! and we made SURE we could sit down to eat, because it was just too good! hahaha We wanted a place we could have a wedding that did not look like a typical 'hotel wedding' and that was so easily accomplished in the gorgeous Casa Monica Ballroom.

Although we originally thought we would max out the place, some how, even with a wedding of 140 it seemed so intimate and relaxed, yet classy and sophisticated. Our rehearsal dinner on the pool deck was the perfect place for an intimate dinner for the wedding party. We were able to enjoy the people that made our wedding so perfect, in a setting that allowed everyone to relax, yet let loose! and yet again! The food was, again, incredible. All the staff was so on que, too. Whenever we needed anything someone was there to help, and on a busy wedding day with two ceremonies that was something we could not be more thankful for!

-- Serena

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